Welcome to the ultra soft world of Glorious Lou!

This is the story of an enterprising mother, who only wants the best for her children.

The Belgian lifestyle brand was founded in 2012 by industrial designer and experienced mother of three children, Ine Verstaen. When she was pregnant with her second child, Mona Lou, she designed some practical yet stylish baby items she couldn’t find in stores. The responses were uplifting. For Ine, this was a dream come true, she could use all her creative passions in founding a new lifestyle brand for babies and small children.

Her husband Karel D’Haene joined the company later and takes care of the operational and financial input. Their three children are their greatest inspiration for the high-quality articles that mark Glorious Lou.

Our team is strengthened by a network of dedicated agents, manufacturers, accountants, printers, stock managers and PR coach / copywriters.


The collection was designed by an experienced mom, who knows what it takes to make your life and that of your child easier. For example, the hooded towel XL has a handy hood that doesn't slip off the little head, even if they are running around with it.


We believe your interior and personal style must not turn into a childish version once you have a baby. That's why we design timeless, classy patterns so your baby and you can be glorious at the same time!


We consider it important to contribute to a better world. That's why we use organic cotton. The new collection also bears the GOTS label, which guarantees an environmentally and socially responsible production.

Our believes

In their early years children experience great successes, which are crucial in building their self-confidence. Eating, drinking, walking, putting on their clothes, etc .. They want to do and experience everything themselves. We do well to encourage this and guide them where necessary. This way we teach them to be proud of themselves. We believe that by raising them this way, they will become self-confident and enterprising people, and thus also contribute to a better world!